Bison Health

An inquiry from a Bison breeder in Northern VA brought our attention to Bison in the Eastern States. Though I havebison-builder-blocks3 many years experience with cattle I have no hands on experience with Bison. At SweetPro we are fortunate to have a western distributor that had the information and experience we could lean on. It seems what works for cattle works as well for Bison. The SweetPro 16 Block is a favorite with Kaf Kandi and Kaf Starter for the weaned calves. An interesting fact learned – Bison will not get their eyes below the rim of a lick tub. Fortunately SweetPro Blocks do not have rigid sides. Bison eat to the bottom of the SweetPro Bock.

Learn more download the Bison Builder Block Brochurebison-brochure