Stafix Polywire – Excellent Quality. Best used for pasture management, rotational grazing or temporary fences within an existing fence. Use with on an existing fence to keep livestock from working the fence. 1320 ft. white polywire – 9 strands of stainless steel for greater conductivity.
White/Yellow Polywire with 9 strands stainless steel for maximum conductivity and UV stabilized for maximum longevity. Developed for pasture management and rotational grazing.
Black Polywire used to add an electric line to an exiting fence to keep your animals off the fence. Black polywire is great added to a dark fence when site line is not an issue. 9 strand stainless steel, black polywire 1320ft.
KC Braided Polyline is the preferred choice of many professionalGraziers. If using for interior fences and moving frequently you will appreciate the ease in which this product winds on a reel. Braided Electric Polyline has a higher breaking strength than standard twisted polywire.
1320 ft. White Polybraid – ideal for pasture management, rotational grazing and temporary fences. 9 strands stainless steel-50% higher breaking point than conventional polywire.
6 Strand Stainless Steel Polywire -UV Stabilized for maximum longevity. White, 660 ft. per roll

Accessories for Polywire