Are you hesitant to use electric fencing?

For many of us electric fencing has been the answer for our fencing needs but for just as many or more there is hesitation.

What are your concerns?

Will it hurt my animals? Will it hurt me?

No one including your animals likes the zap from an electric fence but a little discomfort in a quick zap far out ways the consequences of a horse involved with a fence or out of the pasture and perhaps on the road……… Usually the first or second zap is enough to create the psychological bare we are looking for to teach your horse or livestock to stay away from the fence. And as for yourself, you will learn that a fence tester is the preferred and accurate way to know your fence is working. A digital fence tester works best.  stafix_voltmeter

Is electric line fencing expensive?

No – It is less expensive than most fencing options. But like many things, good quality will provide better service and longevity. That quality may cost a little more initially but in the long run will be a savings. The Maxi Grunt is a ¼ inch diameter polywire. Made in the USA with 126 ends of 15 mil white polyethylene yarns twisted 42 per bundle with 3 (7 mil) stainless steel wires each then combined in a twist for the finished product. Maxi Grunt or Maxi Braids can be used alone or in combination with “CAMEO”. The white lines are easily visible to your horse. This is important because your horse is a flight animal and most often will not run into something they can see.

Does the Energizer consume a lot of power?

No – For example the largest joule Cyclops Fence Energizer – the Boss 32 joule unit uses approx. $ 30.00 per year.

How will I learn the proper installation?

At “CAMEO” fencing we have over 30 years of experience with electric fencing. There are easy installation instructions at We are here to walk you through and to answer your questions. Please don’t hesitate to call or email. It is our pleasure to make sure electric fencing is made easy for you.