Improve the health of your Cattle

image of beef cow

The old expression “The Proof is in the Pudding” has truly been our experience here at Wyndham Farm. The change and improvement in our cattle with SweetPro 16 Blocks was noticeable in as little as 6 weeks. The cows and heifers as well as calves took to licking the block. At weaning calves are provided Kaf Kandi and Kaf Starter – they never miss a lick. In the winter months we use  SweetPro 18 Blocks for an increase in protein while the cows are only being feed hay.  The cow consumption of SweetPro is approx. 1 lb. per day per cow. I think that is an ideal intake per cow.

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SweetPro 16 Blocks
Net wt 250 lbs (114 kg) $ 128.00

SweetPro 16 Altosid IGR for horn fly control 250 lbs. $ 139.00

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Fibermate 18 Blocks

Fibermate 18 – 250 lbs. Block – $ 128.00

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PowerMate II Blocks

SweetPro PowerMate I or II Blocks
Net wt 250 lbs (114 kg) $ 139.00

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Dry Cow

250 lbs. block $ 145.00

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SweetPro KafStarter Blocks

Net wt 225 lbs (102 kg)   $ 119.00

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225 lbs blocks  $ 119.00

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Beef Fresh Start Meal

Net wt 50 lbs  $ 39.00

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