Wyndham Farms
 Registered  Lowline Angus
 Bulls for Cross-Breeding

Use Lowline bulls on your first calf heifers

1.    Raise a high quality, efficient, well muscled calf.
2.    Eliminate most calving problems.
3.    Receive a higher and quicker breed back rate on first calf

Raise Percentage Lowlines and 
Raise Your Profits

Lowline angus are small cattle! They do not carry the Achondroplasia (dwarfism) gene. There is no risk of a genetically generated deformity. Calves are small, vigorous and healthy. Lowline angus may well be the purest breed which contributes to efficient beef production.


The smaller cuts of tasty, tender beef with more marbling and less fat, are desired in the North American and Asian markets.  The statistics on Lowline fat characteristics show Lowline carcasses average only 7 mm of fat compared with the standard breed average of 12 mm.