CAMEO fencing designed with your horse in mind.

“CAMEO” fencing designed for your horse with you in mind – Do It Yourself
Let me explain our heading ………. “CAMEO” fencing designed for your horse with you in mind – Do It Yourself.

CAMEO” is a unique nylon based material extruded as a single line. The material is heated, pulled through an extruding machine, run through a cooling bath then rolled onto spools. That is the simple explanation.

What makes this an ideal fence line for horses and your farm?

  1. Horses see the white line. They are a flight animal so it is very important they see and know the boundaries of their paddocks and pastures.
  2. The line has the strength to contain your horse if he/she runs into it. We want to know our animals are safe at home in their pasture.
  3. Flexibility in the line (up to 20% after installation) is a major benefit for a number of reasons but mostly because it eliminates the cheese cutter effect of bare wire fences. Safer for your horse. The line easily follows the contours of your land. And the flexibility also allows for the occasional tree to fall on your fence without doing damage.
  4. Memory is a good thing for us all and in your “CAMEO” fence line that means the line will give (flex up to 20%) but return to the original point of tension. If your horse gets a leg in the fence it will roll off and return with no sag as they pull back.

How does “CAMEO” fencing make life simpler for you?

  1. The rolls of “CAMEO” are lighter weight than other fence materials. Easy to UPS to your farm. Easy for you to get to the field.
  2. Your post choices are vinyl, composite, wood, or metal t-posts. Most often decided by the ground conditions, budget and the desired finished look.
  3. We incorporated the one-way vise hardware to secure the line at end posts. The vise makes pulling the correct tension on the line doable for all. Lots of gals put our fencing up themselves – their first fencing experience.
  4. Yes, we still have to get posts in the ground but walking the line out makes getting long stretches of fencing done easily and quickly.
  5. Easy on your budget. “CAMEO” fencing is the best value for your money!

Get your fencing project done – move on to enjoying your farm and horses.