CAMEO fencing

Horse Fencing with No Metal Wire

In Texas, Dr. Campbell’s Australian Stock Horse stands safely behind the combination of “CAMEO” fencing and Maxi Grunt Electric

“CAMEO” fencing is a white line monofilament (single extrusion) of nylon based UV stabilized polymer designed specifically for horse fencing. This unique fence line is flexible – gives approx. 20% – then returns to its original position. The unique ability of the line to flex eliminates the CHEESE CUTTER EFFECT your horses experience from metal wire.

While the line is flexible, it has, at the same time the strength to contain your horses (if they run into the fence they will bounce from it). “CAMEO” fencing is in the field being tested every day and is standing the test of time – lasting 10 to 15 yrs. 10 year Warranty.

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CAMEO Fence and Hardware to Install

Price Comparison Chart

Product "CAMEO" Competition SAVE
Fence Line
1000 ft. $175.00 N/A
 2000 ft. $295.00 $340.00 $45.00
3000 ft. $425.00
One Way Vise $2.95 ea $3.75 ea $0.80 ea
Gripple $2.35 ea $4.00 ea $1.65 ea
Link $3.95 ea $4.00 ea $0.05 ea
Staple Insulators, 50 per bag $9.00 $9.00 $0.00
T-Post Insulators, 25 per bag $3.75 $8.00 $2.75
Wood Post Insulators $5.25 $8.00 $2.75
T-Post Toppers, 10 per bag $7.25 $9.00 $1.75
T-Post Vinyl Caps, 25 per bag $8.95 $9.00 $0.05

"CAMEO" fencing is the Affordable Alternative with the Proven Track Record!