Corner and End Posts – The Foundation of Your Fence

broken fence posts
Don’t skimp on a firm foundation for your fence!

As with any foundation – if you skimp you pay the price down the road.

The end and corner posts of your fence are no exception. These posts hold and support the tension of your line fencing – “CAMEO” and /or your choice of electric line.

Most familiar is the “H” brace. This brace system as the name implies is designed to look like the letter “H”. The horizontal brace post is usually placed above center of the end or corner post and the next line post. The “H” brace system calls for a brace wire on the diagonal from end or corner post to next line post.

Experience has shown that horses can get their leg involved with the brace wire causing injury. For this reason we prefer the Knee Brace. This corner or end brace system runs the brace post on the diagonal between the corner or end post to the next line post, eliminating the need for the brace wire.

An advantage of “CAMEO” is that it does not pull the degree of tension as for example a high tensile or coated high tensile fence line. Easier for the DO IT YOURSELFER to get it RIGHT.

Happy Fencing………..