Customer Reviews

I simply had to tell you that I am thrilled with the Cameo fence I have purchased for our farm. I have been showing and telling all our friends and neighbors about the fence and all who have come to look at it have fallen in love with it, even those without horses!

My husbands work schedule does not allow him much time to help me with projects like working on fence, so I fide that one of the greatest features of Cameo fence is how easy it is for one person to install with no extra help on hand.  I can attest that anyone with any skill lever can put up this fence with no help.

I love the visibility and safety of the fence and it has been tested by our newborn and your foals with on injuries incurred.  I also like that this fence is safe for wildlife such as the deer, who simply step through the strands without breaking them.

I can see the value of this fence in that it will be more durable and safe than traditional wire fences, and that it will save me time and money over the years with far less maintenance needed.

Wendy, All Dreams Ranch

I've had my Cameo Fencing for 19 years now and am just now replacing parts of it!!! It's a Fantastic product. Customer Service is Excellent. Also, as far as safety for horses.......I have a Belgian Draft horse that weighs 2000 lbs. One day I was taking down a tent in my arena and didn't notice that he was in the same area. It scared him so much that he decided to jump out of the arena and his back legs got stuck on the top strand and it stretched for quite a way and then snapped!!! When I retrieved him and checked him out I noticed that he was absolutely fine (except for a little nervous) and there was just a tiny bit of hair missing from his back legs. Never even touched the skin. Remarkable Product. Highly Recommend

- Jane

"My daughter and I just completed the installation of my Cameo fencing. How easy! This is awesome fencing! Not only was the installation a breeze, but it looks great! Best horse fencing on the market!"

Mark - Sheridan

"I just ordered some Cameo Fencing. I'm just now replacing fence that I put up 14 - 15 years ago. Wonderful stuff!"



As for my personal experience with your product:

   I am a single female, the owner, rider, caretaker for 20 head of well-loved horses who range in age from infant to 24 years old, and in physical condition from "uber athlete" to pasture ornament. In 1997 I bought 75 acres of raw land, and began building barns and fencing on the property.

I have used Cameo fencing for every paddock and pasture put in since that time.CameoFence
As a neophyte "country girl", I found Cameo to be easy to install by myself, and as a practicing veterinarian, I have yet to treat a single case of injury caused by a horse/fence encounter. (I wish I could say the same about the damage my horses inflict on each other...)

I use a six-strand set-up, and have lines two and five "hot". The fence deforms enough to allow a safe learning curve as the youngsters are educated about electricity, and if a wreck occurs and an individual breaks through the lines (as a freaked two-year-old did on her first encounter with a white horse. Boogers!) the most damage I see is a smear of white on a chest or leg.

HoreseCameoI can repair breaks in five minutes without any help, and those repairs are nearly invisible, leaving an attractive, functional and astoundingly safe environment for myself and my horses.

My most recent project has been to build a barn and 10 acre paddock for an Australian Stock Horse stallion. I put in another six strand fence, set slightly higher (top line at 52" compared to my other fences at 46") and with electrical cabling in the first, third and fifth lines on the pole. My new guy got shocked twice, and hasn't tested the fence again, despite the appeal of other horses on the perimeter of his pen.

I love this product, and have recommended it to my clinic clients and my friends.

My trainer has replaced all her barbed wire with it, and can vouch for it's safety as well. After a family accident, her two stallions were inadvertently allowed to encounter each other across a fence, and despite the vocal challenges and striking that ensued, they ended the battle with a single bite wound to the neck, and not a mark on any other portion of either animal. With one of the stallions valued at more than $75,000, she thinks the decision to replace her wire with Cameo was one of the best choices of her life.

  Thanks again for a wonderful product.
Kellee K. Campbell, DVM
Austin, Texas

I have three horses and have had Cameo Fencing in my pasture for the last three years.  I couldn't have asked for a better product for my horses and my pasture.  I truly love Cameo Fencing.  It requires very low maintenance and it is very safe for my horses.  I have neighbors & people that are just driving by in their cars and have seen my fence and want to know where I purchased it from so that they can check into getting this fencing for their horses..


It has been terrific with only one repair and keeps in my Percheron, an Arabian, Quarter Pony, Appalosa Mini, Paint Pony and donkeys! No matter what the chaos, I do not need to worry about my fence!

Kellie Kirby, Oliver & Jack Jack
New Market, AL

This fencing system is superior to any other on the market. It is perfect for the miniatures because it keeps  them in and predators out! It is beautiful and cosmetically complimenting to the landscape of any farm. It is durable, cost effective and easy to install.
I have had horses for over 30 years, had all types of fence and "CAMEO" fencing is by far the best.

Lisa - Calico Farms Miniature, Belding, MI