Fence Plans on Your To Do List – Where to Start?

Congratulations! Since you are reading this you are doing your research – A Great Start. Thank you for visiting us at “CAMEO” fencing, Inc. I hope we can be of help.

Questions to ask yourself –

1.     What is my budget for my fence project– that will narrow the choices?

  No need to agonize – there are great affordable options.


2.     Am I able and do I want to install the fence myself?

If not ask friends and neighbors to recommend a fence installer in your area.


3.     Have you put your plans on paper?

Most fence companies are happy to provide a quote.  Your plans on paper help us understand what you want to achieve.


4.     Have I taken a second look at the fence plans?

  Always good to rethink while on paper.


5.     Are the gate openings big enough for what needs to move through?

 Trucks, trailers, tractors, hay wagons, farm machinery.


6.     Are gates at the most functional place?

 Do you need more than one gate into a pasture?

 If the gate is into a pasture off a road, setting it back off the fence line allows for vehicles to be    off road before opening gate.


7.     What animals are to be contained – horses, ponies, foals, stallions and/or other farm livestock?

How will I keep visitors to farm safe as well?


Please call or email if you have questions as you start planning for your fence installation.  Our lives revolve around fences at “CAMEO” fencing, Inc. but we appreciate that this could be your first experience. Let our experience work for you.