Frequently Asked Questions

What is “CAMEO” horse fencing?

“CAMEO” horse fencing is a monofilament line – an extrusion of nylon based material. White in color to provide an excellent sightline. It was designed to be a safe, affordable and easy to install fence for the DIY horse owner 

Why buy “CAMEO” horse fencing?

“CAMEO” horse fencing is safe for your horses. It has strength - 1200 lbs breaking per line – and flexibility.  The line will flex up to 20% before breaking. The flexibility eliminates the cheese cutter effect your horse experiences from high tensile fencing. 

“CAMEO” horse fencing is extremely cost effective. Especially when you don’t have the vet bills, the care and attention or anguish of dealing with a horse injured on less friendly fences.

At “CAMEO” fencing, Inc we made the installation of monofilament fencing a breeze. The one way vise hardware holds the correct tension on the line.  As opposed to coated high tensile or wire mesh fencing “CAMEO” horse fencing is truly a DIY product.

Why buy “CAMEO” horse fencing from “CAMEO” fencing, Inc.

At “CAMEO” fencing, Inc. we draw on 30 years of experience with monofilament horse fencing.

We take pride in providing friendly, helpful and courteous service.  We will hold your hand from start to finish.  Email or call with your questions. Send us a diagram of your fence layout and we will figure all supplies needed for your installation. This is fencing made easy and worry free.

What about shipping?

“CAMEO” horse fencing comes in rolls of 1000, 2000 or 3000 ft.  A 2000 ft. roll of “CAMEO” weighs approx. 25 lbs. Easy for you to manage and easily shipped by UPS. 

Orders normally ship within 24 to 48 hrs. 

What posts do I use with “CAMEO” horse fencing?

“CAMEO” horse fencing works with your choice of line post - wood, t-posts, composite or vinyl posts.

Your choice depends on the look you want, your budget, ground conditions and labor to install. I have often said if I could come up with a fence that didn’t need posts…….. But we need posts. At “CAMEO” fencing, Inc we sell vinyl and composite posts. Wood or t-posts you can buy locally more reasonably. We do sell all the hardware and supplies needed to install on your posts.

Do I have to run a line of electric in combination with “CAMEO” horse fencing?

The quick answer is no. Five to six lines of “CAMEO” with wood line posts spaced 8 to 10 ft. apart will do the job.

However, there are advantages to at least one line of electric to consider.

  1. Posts can be now spaced up to 16 ft. apart – a cost and labor saving
  2. The choice of posts opens up to include the options of t-post, composite or vinyl
  3. An energized line teaches your horse to stay off the fence
  4. The fence will work to contain other livestock, cattle, sheep, goats

How many lines should I run?

5 to 6 lines of “CAMEO” for a fence that does not have an energized line.

4 to 5 lines in a combination of “CAMEO” and Maxi Grunt Electric

Have more questions? Please call Nancy at 434-532-2197 or

Good Fences    =   Happy Horses!