Has anyone been out riding under the Blue Moon?

The last few nights of the Blue Moon have been truly magnificent.  Have you taken advantage of nature’s spotlight?  Living in the country allows us to really appreciate the light of the moon and a magical experience on horseback.

The moon will light your path.  Be sure to ride a path well known in daylight. You and your horse will be more comfortable, confident and safer on a well known trail.  It is amazing to hear the amplified sounds of your horse’s footsteps, breath and creaks from your saddle. The orchestra of crickets, frogs and nighttime activity along the trail will delight.

Thinking of a night ride – a few things to consider

  1. Ask a friend to join you.  An obvious safety factor but more fun to share the experience. Your horse will appreciate having a horse friend as well.
  2. Know your horse. If your horse can be nervous and spooky on day rides he is probably not the one to take on the trail at night.
  3. Where to start? Start in an outdoor riding ring or near the barn that is enclosed with fence. “CAMEO” fencing has proven very forgiving to horse and rider.
  4. Be Cautious.  Slow down.  It is safer and allows you to really appreciate the moment.

Know your way home!                                      Be safe!                                                  Enjoy!