How much will a “CAMEO” Fence Cost?

Cost is usually a major factor when making a large purchase and fencing is no exception.  Followed up quickly with safety, looks and installation questions. To determine cost you need to know what you need. Today lets focus on the materials needed to install “CAMEO”fencing. Then based on these choices we can provide a ball park idea of cost.

First –  Posts                                                                                          

We offer two maintance free choices – vinyl or sunguard fiberglass posts.

Wood or metal t-posts –  you would purchase locally. It does not make $ sense for you to have us ship that weight.

Second – How Many Posts ?

When installing 5 to 6 lines of “CAMEO” without electric – posts should be  8 to 10ft. apart. With at least one line of electric the post spacing can increase  12 to 16 ft. apart. Posts give the line a plane to run on and are part of the site line of your fence. Spacing posts further apart is not recommended. The further apart the posts are the more room for movement of the line in the event a horse gets into the fence. To determine line posts – take the total distance and divide by the spacing you have decided on. You will also need to determine the number of corner and end posts. These are generally wood posts with diagional bracing. The Mule End and Corner Post systems offer an alternative to wood.

Third – Do you need insulators for your posts?

The 2″ round vinyl post is predrilled – no insulators required for either the “CAMEO” or any electric line. The sunguard posts need a clip. Wood or metal t-posts require insulators.

Fourth –  Hardware

Vises or gripples are used to hold the “CAMEO” line at end posts where you start and stop the fence. Links or gripples join a line if needed to continue the line. If using electric – connectors are used to hold line at end posts or to continue the line.

Fifth –  Line

Take the total distance multiiply by the number of lines. Then divide by the number of ft. in the roll.

You now have a basic idea of the materials you will need. To give you a ball park idea of cost check out the article: Fence Options Price Per Ft.