Jumper Cables (power connectors) for your Fence

Not the jumper cables that you use to start your car but the same principle. We want to conduct power from one place to another.

In the case of jumper cables for your fence – these are used on your electric line in place of triple_jumper_leads_grandemaking a permanent electric connection to continue the charge around your fence.

I particularly like using jumper cables because if I am out in the back 40 and need to for example take a limb off the fence, I can disconnect the clip from one line so as to stop the electric flow. This saves a trip back to the energizer itself to turn off the energizer. 

The 2 garter clip power connector takes power from line to line. While the Triple Power connector has 1 garter clip to attach to electrified line and 3 additional garter clips to continue the charge around on a  3 line electric fence.

Jumper Cables / Power Connectors are just one of the ways to make your fence installation easier and less work for you.