Lessons learned on our first installation of monofilament fencing.

Monofilament fence line has been in North America for nearly 30 years. The product and installation information came to us originally from Europe where the product was tied at the end posts. My husband Gary, who passed in Jan 2014, was impressed with the idea of a line that would give but had memory much like an elastic band. Also, strong enough to contain horses and livestock. He was excited to bring home the first sample to put up behind our General Store and Farm Supply in Canada.

We learned 2 things immediately from that first installation or let’s make that 3 things……..

  1. Tying the line at the end post was tricky – not something everyone could do easily especially since it was required to pull tension on the line. How would people get the correct tension? How could we make this more user friendly?Yes! The one way vise. With research Gary found the correct size to hold the line. Now anyone couldone vise for installation of CAMEO fence line easily pull the correct tension. The correct tension is important – the line is meant to break if stretched more than 20 %.
  2. Post Spacing.  When installing  5 to 6 lines of the monofilament be sure not to space the line posts more than 8 to 10 ft apart.On that first run of fence the posts were space on 10 ft center with one exception a section at 20 ft. It was obvious immediately  with the 20 ft spacing that it gave too much room for movement in the lines. An opportunity for our horse Cameo to get into the lines.Though closer spacing means more posts – it also means a fence that works! The combination of an electric line with “CAMEO” lines  allows the post to be up to 16 ft apart.
  3. If you want to keep small livestock, goats for example, a line of electric is needed to teach them to stay off the fence. Our goat Flopsy especially liked a young apple tree outside the fence. The line of electric kept her inside the fence.
Lessons learned taught us that while monofilament fencing as a 5 or 6 line fence with line posts on a 8 to 10 ft centers is great horse fencing, it limits your pasture use to horses. Gary loved horses but he was a cattleman at heart. This fence had to work for horses, cattle, goats, sheep, llamas, alpacas, etc………
Gary’s extensive experience with cattle told him that electric in combination was the answer. Again, he was on the hunt for the best electric line. It needed to be about the same size diameter as the monofilament to have a consistent and neat appearance, as well as excellent quality to give years of
service. We found that in the Maxi Grunt. The white  line with 9 strands of stainless steel has passed the test of time along with our “CAMEO” fencing.
For years now  “CAMEO” and Maxi Grunt have given us the combination that works to contain  – horses, cattle, goats, sheep, llamas, alpacas and ………….