Line Posts

Cameo horse fence line and posts

Line Posts

Oh! The many choices. Let’s look at some of the options.

Posts you would buy locally

Wood Posts – Ideal for an installation where you do not want to run a line of electric in combination with “CAMEO”. Space these posts on 8 to 10 ft. centers. Use a standard wood post insulator to carry the line. If you are going to run a line of electric in combination, the line posts can be set on 12 to 16 ft. centers. Please avoid landscape timbers. (“CAMEO” will outlast the landscape timber). If you have an installer in your area that drives post, the time and effort saved is worth the money.

Metal T-Post – provide an easier installation as they are driven in with a t-post pounder. We recommend always combining with a line of electric and using safety caps or t-post toppers to keep your horse safe. I have too many times heard of a horse impaling itself on a t-post.

Posts you can purchase from “CAMEO” fencing, inc.

Predrilled Vinyl Posts
– the 2 inch round by 6 ft. predrilled vinyl post has been and is the most popular line post we sell. Especially when the installation is up front and you want the look. These posts are pounded in with a t-post pounder, predrilled 2 inches down from the top and every 5 inches. 4 or 5 lines are run with 10 inch spacing. An electric line in combination with “CAMEO” is recommended with the 2” vinyl post. Running electric also allows the posts to be up to 16 ft. on center.

Composite Posts – are an easy installation. Again they are driven in with a t-post pounder. An insulator clip is attached to hold the line. Some composite posts come predrilled then a cotter pin is used to hold the line. Because of the smaller size post an electric line in combination with “CAMEO” is recommended.

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