Maxi Grunt electric line – use in combination with CAMEO non-electric monofilament line.

Maxi Grunt is the largest diameter true polywire made of the highest quality pure polyethylene. Made in the USA with 9 strands of .007m(inch) stainless steel.

Maxi Grunt and Standard Polywire comparison

The polyethylene is UV stabilized for longevity and woven with stainless steel stands to carry the charge.  Stainless steel has 3 lines of Maxi Gruntproven to outlast copper or tinned copper in the elements.  3 or 4 lines of Maxi Grunt is a visible fence which is our most reasonably priced, top quality, permanent electric fence.

Maxi Grunt is also a popular choice to use in combination with our CAMEO” non-electric  monofilament line.