Need horse fencing? Where to start?

Questions to ask ………..

1. Will I install the fence myself?

2. What, if any experience do I have with fencing?

3. Will I have help or is this a one person project?

If the answer to #1 is NO. The goal now is to find a reliable and well recommended fence installer. Be sure to confirm references and visit previous installations if and when possible. Then give them our number and website.

If you answered  yes to #1 now the answers to #2 and # 3 come into play. Having no experience does not rule out taking on the project when installing “CAMEO” fencing. With or without electric. 95% of our customers put the fence in themselves. Many are first time fence installers.  Be sure you have a good understanding of the installation recommendations for the product you choose. As for help – the project will move along more quickly with family and friends that are willing to lend a hand. Keeping them well nourished is a good thing.


How do you decide on the fence you need?

1. What are you fencing to contain?   Horses, ponies, foals, cattle, calves, sheep, goats

2. Is this fencing on a busy road front, dead end gravel road or something in between?

3. Back pasture or cross fencing?

4. Small or large paddocks, pastures?

These are few of the questions to get you started. With the answers we are happy to guide you to the right fence for your needs.

It is helpful if you have a diagram of your plans to share. A diagram also helps you layout a functional fencing plan.Your diagram does not have to be to scale but please be sure to indicate where you will have gates.