Patriot Fence Energizers

The Performance Plus Series of Energizers are a great choice when you are looking for a less expensive fence energizer that will do the job. Performance Plus Energizers are ideal for small acreages or as a backup energizer in your arsenal.

Performance Plus Energizers have a 3 year warranty – lightning included! But remember to fully complete the warranty card that comes with your energizer. Then don’t forget to mail. Follow these steps and you are covered.

At “CAMEO” fencing we recommend 1 joule of output for every mile of electric line. Then add a joule for good measure. Example: if you have 2 lines of electric in your fence run of 2,000 ft. then you are energizing 4,000 ft. of line. A mile is 5,280 ft. Need help with deciding or how to hookup to your fence, please don’t hesitate to call. 800-822-5426 or Nancy’s cell 434-532-2197