All wood posts are pressure treated, after all holes are drilled, to ensure the longevity of the wood. Every wood post comes with a domed top for safety and water shed.

Ponderosa Fence
Rails are galvanized pipe with 4 coatings

powder-coated-fenceRails are available in standard colors: Galvanized pipe diagram Brown and Black



Hinge and Gate


Drilled for Versatility

Post Drilled Hole Diagram The holes drilled for tubing are cone shaped for flexibility over terrain and in and around curves. This innovative design fits the outer diameter of the tubing, in the center of the hole, while allowing the rail freedom of movement towards the outer dimensions of the drilled post.


Rail-in-Rail design

Diamond P rails come with a unique rail-in-rail design, allowing you to construct a single solid rail to whatever length you need.

swedge diagramThis system allows more freedom in setting your support posts. Whether you want to space your post every four or every ten feet,Diamond P provides the means to do it easily and efficiently.

Using the same concept as the “swedge” tubing connection, the Ponderosa post connectors allow for ponderosa_connectionexpansion and contraction as well as versatility.

The end of the tubing is cut to exact length, the connector slides into the tubing and connects to the post with two lag bolts.


Ponderosa Price Per Ft.

3 Rail – $ 9.95 per running ft.
4 Rail – $ 11.95 per running ft.
The above pricing reflects manufacturer’s list price. Request a quote for our discounted pricing.

Available Sizes and Specifications

Post Lengths 7.6′ (90″)
Post Diameter 6″
Rail Lengths 14′ (16 ga.) & 16′ (13 ga.)
Rail Size 1.9″
Rail Gauges 16 ga. (14′) & 13 ga. (16′)