Protect Your Horses – Be Ready for Severe Weather

Spring is just around the corner and that can mean stormy weather.  Regardless of where you live, spring weather can create grave danger for you, your family and your horses.  Perhaps we should do more than talk about the weather.  Right now would be an excellent time to review your weather disaster plan.  Don’t have one?  Now is a great time to develop one.

Obviously, a workable disaster plan must be tailored to your situation, so here are some things to consider in your long range planning.

1. What types of disasters could occur in your area?  Develop a written plan of action for each type and keep it with your important papers.  Review the plan with everyone who might be involved with executing the plan.

2. Survey your property for the best location for animal confinement for each type of disaster.

3. Photograph the left and right sides of each horse as well as its face and medial and lateral lower legs.  Have someone take a photo of your horse with you in the picture to help identify the horse as yours when picking up from an evacuation area.

4. Keep your horses vaccinations and boosters up-to-date.  Record the dates, dosages, and types of medications your animal receives and any dietary requirements.

5. Keep your horse trailer in good condition as well as your towing vehicle and have a full gas tank with spare gas on hand.

6. Make sure your horse(s) will load into your trailer.

7. Maintain a stock of hay and grain and keep extra veterinary supplies on hand.  Consider keeping a tranquilizer on hand should a horse become panicked.  Check with your veterinarian what is available and proper dosing that you are allowed to administer.

For more information check out:  24 Step Disaster Plan, from the Canadian Horse Journal

Take Action.   Be Prepared.