Recommended installation of Corner & End Posts – The Foundation of Your Fence!!

As with any foundation construction if not done correctly the end results suffer.  There are generally 2 accepted corner and end brace systems

1.    Most familiar the “H” brace
2.    And the one we like – the “Knee “ brace

The “H” brace, as its name implies, is shaped like an H.  This method requires a diagonal high tensile wire to pull the brace secure. Especially at corners we saw horses get a leg through and cause injury to themselves on the high tensile diagonal brace wire.

The “Knee” brace, our preferred system, does not require the diagonal high tensile tensioning wire when installing our products – “CAMEO” horse fencing and/or Maxi Grunt . Or an all electric system with either Maxi Grunt or Maxi Braids.

Corner & End posts should be the best quality treated wood posts available to you. 5 to 6 inch round or square posts, 7 to 8 ft. long are recommended.

Once you determine the placement of your corner or end post, dig or auger the post hole so the top of post sits at 54 inches above ground. Brace end and corner posts with knee bracing method – wood brace post runs diagonally from above center of end or corner post to line post that is running off at 90 degrees. Brace corner posts in both directions.

Notching or nailing the end and brace posts could be a bit of a challenge but now with the Vicebite brackets this is a snap installation. A 60 to 80lb bag of Ready Mix cement is recommended in post holes.  First add some pea run (small size gravel) and tamp well, add ready mix then water. Be sure the ready mix does not come to the top of the hole. Pour in dry, add water and let set 24 hours. Then add soil to top of post hole, tamping as you add.

Remember:  When installing CAMEO and/or our electric lines the additional brace wire is not required as these lines do not put excessive stain on ends or corners. Also, please note injury can be caused to horses that get a leg into the brace wire.MulePost and CameoFencing

Another option for long lasting and easy installation is the MULE Post end or corner system. Click here
to check out more on Mule Posts