When is “CAMEO” Horse fencing the Right Choice?

Are you confused about the best fencing choice for your farm, horses and livestock? I hear you! There are a few old standbys – barbed wire, field fence and wood. All which come with their issues especially when fencing to contain horse. We have been selling horse fencing for 27 years. It seems every few years there is a new solution. Monofilament was one of those. When first introduced to monofilament we took some home and strung a fence run in the backyard of our general store. It was a country store with a barn out back for our horse Cameo, goat – Flopsey and sheep – Marie. All best buddies.

We liked what we saw. As we began to market monofilament the response of our customers confirmed our first impressions. If you are looking for:

1) Safe – does not cut like bare or barbed wire
2) Affordable – less than $1.50 per ft. for 5 lines with posts and hardware
3) Neat Appearance – you can see & enjoy your horses and fields
4) Easy Installation – light weight – DIY easy – even for the novice
5) Long Lasting – 10 to 15 years
6) Little to No Maintenance

“CAMEO” monofilament horse fencing may be the answer for you.

But let’s look at some of your other choices

1. Wood
a) good quality can be expensive
b) maintenance headache but love the look of well maintained fence

2. Barbed Wire 
a) designed to hurt your animals
b) can hurt you as you install

3. Bare High Tensile Wire  
a) designed for cattle and sheep
b) cuts your horse – like taking a cheese cutter to their leg

4. Coated High Tensile Wire – either single or double line
a) definitely not an easy DIY installation

5. Vinyl Plank 
a) eliminates the maintenance of wood
b) beware of quality

6. HDPE Plank
a) eliminates the maintenance of wood
b) proven super quality to vinyl

7. Pipe Fence
a) fence that lasts when factory coated and painted correctly
b) fits the perception for the need of a strong fence

And we haven’t even talked about electric fencing yet………….

8. Electric Fence
a) stainless steel conducting wires proven to out last copper or tinned copper
b) the fence engerizer is the heart of the system – don’t scrimp on the energizer

These are just a few thoughts to help you with your decision making process.  I realize we are biased. But we are here after all these years because of our many customers that appreciate “CAMEO” fencing and Maxi Grunt electric to solve their fencing needs.

We would like to thank the folks at Wings of Eagle Ranch in NC for the work they do and their loyalty to “CAMEO” fencing. They first purchased “CAMEO” fencing and Maxi Grunt from us in 1999.

Wings of Eagle Ranch is a non-profit organization that specializes in therapeutic horseback riding. Riding motivates children and adults with learning challenges to increase their levels of concentration, patience and discipline. The relationship formed between horse and rider allows the rider to overcome fears and develop trust in the therapeutic team. Their therapeutic horse serves as a unique vehicle for exercising body and mind.  The horse’s gentle rhythmic movement helps increase balance, muscle control and strengthen riders with impaired mobility. Horseback riding provides physical, mental and emotional rewards to all riders but especially to those challenged. Our hats go off to all those that make Wings of Eagle Ranch the Success it is.

If you would like to learn more or donate www.wingsofeagleranch.org