Safe Horse Fencing

How do we know “CAMEO” fencing is safe? The short answer is our customers for over 27 years tell us it is so. It is always so gratifying to hear from a customer saying “If it had been any other fence what a horror story it would have been.” And “I am so happy with this fence.”

I have not had any injuries from the fencing.” Now we know nothing is perfect but here are some reasons “CAMEO” monofilament fencing is so Safe.

  1. The line is white and approx. a ¼ inch in diameter. That means your horse can see the line. Our horses are flight animals but even so if they can see the fence there is a better opportunity they will avoid it.
  2. The line is flexible. If a horse runs into the fence it will give but come back to the original point of tension. 3000 foot roll of cameo fence line
    This flexibility is also so important if a horse inadvertently gets a leg in the fence. They will pull free as the line gives and rolls off.

  • The line will break. If your horse gets into the fence the line will give but if taken beyond the breaking point will break before your horse.

“CAMEO” installation does not give you the splinters of a wood fence, the cheese cutter effect of a bare wire fence, or the hurt and injury of a barb wire fence.

Use “CAMEO” fencing for your next fencing project to protect your horses.