Step In Posts

Get these posts from Cameo Fencing for temporary fencing, rotational grazing.

Quick and Convenient

Step In Posts-48"

Poly Post box of 50
$ 123.75

Step-In Post-43"

White, Box/50
$ 112.50

These posts feature an EZ-clip system with 8 spacing options for electric polywire or 1/2 inch tape on 1 side and 4 spacing options for up to 1-1/2 inch tape on the other. Total length including stake is 43". white, box/50.

Step In Posts-63"

Poly Post box of 30
$ 133.95

54" above ground, white
Plus an additional oversize charge from UPS $9.90

Step-In Post-White Pigtail

Box of 48 $ 137.00

Galvanized steel shaft, sturdy foot pedal, UV-stabilized plastic. Holds polywire, tape, braid or rope.

Total length 40-1/2 ". Above ground 34-3/4"