Timeless Fence Systems


The Timeless Fence System  can be integrated seamlessly with CAMEO’s existing monofilament fencing line to create strong, easy-to-install barriers for horses, cattle, and other animals.

Timeless Fence T Posts are non-conductive and self-insulating. Drilled every three-inches, they make a perfect base through which to thread your electric line and CAMEO fencing’s polymer filament.


  • Made from Recycled Materials
  • Self Insulating
  • Easy to Install
  • Strong Yet Flexible
  • Lasting Beauty
  • Guaranteed
  • Versatility

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Timeless T-Posts 1.5" Profile



Post Length Price
5' $6.05
5.5' $6.60
6' $7.25

Timeless T-Posts 1.75" Profile


Post Length Price
5' $6.80
5.5' $7.40
6' $7.99
6.5' $8.65
7' $10.20
7.5' $11.00
8' $11.75

Length Suggestions

 Longer lengths like 8, 7.5, and 7 foot posts are best used with specialty livestock such as wild game, Bison, Horses, etc.

Mid size lengths such as 5, 5.5, 6, and 6.5 foot posts are great to use with standard livestock like cattle, goats, pigs, etc.

Shorter lengths such as 4 and 4.5 foot posts can also be used in rotational and/or mob grazing.