Vice bite fence brackets have been developed to make fencing faster.Vice Bite Brackets

Vicebite fencing brackets assist in constructing a solid end assembly that will stand the test of time and makes light work of farm and general fencing, with vineyards and similar high weight bearing structures greatly benefiting from using Vicebite


Vicebite fence brackets won’t reduce the strength of the timber post and will in fact assist in prolonging it due to the innovative teeth working with the grain not against it.

Vicebite’s teeth work as nails or screws and will imbed into the timber post. There are no sharp edges for animals to get hurt and with the double row of teeth on the front and back of the bracket, Vicebite will not be dislodged under the impact of animals or machines.
NOTE:  When installing CAMEO and/or our electric lines the additional brace wire is not required as these lines do not put excessive stain on ends or corners.

Also, please note injury can be caused to horses that get a leg into brace wire.