What you need to install a CAMEO fence

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1.   Posts

End and Corner Posts

  • Wood posts (buy locally)
  • Mule Post End and Corner Systems

Line Posts

  • Wood or Metal T-posts (buy locally)
  • Vinyl – 2” x 6’ predrilled
  • Vinyl sleeves for your t-posts
  • Mule Sunguard posts
  • Composite Posts

2.    Insulators to hold line on posts

3.    “CAMEO”   (# of lines x length of fence run = total ÷ length of roll = # of rolls)

4.    Vise and/or Gripple Hardware (one at each end of each line)

5.    Links  (to join “CAMEO” if needed)

When combining with electric

  1. Corner/End Post  Insulators
  2. Electric Line Connectors (one at each end of each line)
  3. Electric Line – Maxi Grunt or Maxi Braid

To Energize Fence

  1. Fence Energizer
  2. Underground Wire
  3. Galvanized Ground Rods
  4. Fence Tester
  5. Spike Protector
  6. Power Connectors
  7. Lightning Diverter

Other Useful Items

  1. ViceBite – aid to building ends and corners
  2. Gate Latches
  3. Gate Wheels
  4. Gate Anchors

More Info about CAMEO fencing