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CAMEO Roll 1000


“CAMEO” fencing – The Horse Fence with No Metal Wire “CAMEO” fencing is a white line monofilament (single extrusion) of nylon based UV stabilized polymer designed specifically for horse fencing.


Luxury Fences

Consider 440 Fence, Ponderosa or Derby Fence if you are looking for a luxury statement out front and center. “CAMEO” for your pastures and cross fencing will continue the freedom from maintenance and bring your project in under budget

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What our Customer’s Say

I just finished installing Cameo fencing on my property for my horses. I had previously installed it on a friends property 8 years ago. I was so happy with it that I knew it would go on my property. I installed Cameo fence on both properties exclusively by myself without a problem at all (I’m a 5’4” over 40 female). The user friendly hardware is a bonus, especially the one way vice that is the easy secret to a tight, neat looking fence. I use 2 lines of Cameo and one line of hot rope. It would look a little “prettier” and possibly more secure if I used 4 or 5 lines, but 3 has served me well and still looks neat. I had one horse go over or though the fence during a violent storm where trees were falling in his corral, but the horse did not have a scratch, the fence was undamaged, and that is the only time I’ve had anyone breach the fence. Cameo fencing is very affordable, virtually no maintenance, attractive, easy to repair if damaged, and I believe one of the safest choices out there. It is easy to add corrals and, if you are using mostly t posts, you can even move fences or take them with you if you move to another place, with some effort. I love this product! Thank you for the quality product and for keeping it affordable.

J. Sisson

Cameo Fencing has great fencing products, I have had their fencing products on my farm for 12 years, with little to no maintenance. I also sell the fencing for them and my customers have been very happy with the products. Easy to install and a great value.

Laura Macke
Owner, Equine & Farm Supply
Laura Macke