CAMEO Horse Fencing

CAMEO Horse Fencing is safe, durable, affordable and easy to install. Learn from the first to introduce Monofilament Horse Fencing to the USA.

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CAMEO Roll 1000

CAMEO Horse fencing is available in 1,000, 2,000 and 3,000 ft rolls

“CAMEO” fencing is a white line monofilament (single extrusion) of nylon based UV stabilized polymer designed specifically for horse fencing. This unique fence line is flexible – gives approx. 20% – then returns to its original position. The unique ability


Luxury Fences in combination with CAMEO

Consider 440 Fence, Ponderosa or Derby Fence if you are looking for a luxury statement out front and center. “CAMEO” for your pastures and cross fencing will continue the freedom from maintenance and bring your project in under budget


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What Our Customer's Are Saying:

"My daughter and I just completed the installation of my Cameo fencing. How easy! This is awesome fencing! Not only was the installation a breeze, but it looks great! Best horse fencing on the market!"

Mark - Sheridan

"I just ordered some Cameo Fencing. I'm just now replacing fence that I put up 14 - 15 years ago. Wonderful stuff!"




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