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“CAMEO” fencing, inc. is our family business named after our horse Cameo. The white monofilament  polymer line designed for horse fencing is what started our business 30 years ago.

Cameo was the first to stand behind our test lines, so we thought it fitting to name the product and our company after her. We are proud to be the first to bring this unique monofilament fencing to the USA. 

The installation was made easier when we introduced the one-way vise hardware – now it is a fence anyone can install correctly and easily by following the simple installation instructions. It is impossible to know the number of horses that now live happily and safely behind  “CAMEO” fencing.

What our customer's are saying:

I purchased cameo fencing in the mid 90's. I have been very happy with the product. I still have most of the cameo still in place even with the harsh temperature changes in Michigan. I am going to be buying more soon, Great product. It kept our horses in for years and it's simple to replace.

Joel Mires

I bought my first fence from you in mid 1990's Hot sun in south Texas has taken some toll. Need to replace some of it. I've had garden tractors try to go through it, horses stretch it out--without injury and many other happenings. Can't say enough good about it. I have 4 strands, 3rd one is electrified and that has been Godsend.
Will do some measuring in next few days and place order. Thanks for being there.

Customer - Bill

Thank you for the extra pack of Gripples. We are such loyal customers
because you are such loyal suppliers and have wonderful customer service
orientation. Guess that is why we have been able to find you regardless
of where you move. It is pleasure to do business with you.
Thank you.

hinch-2Very easy reinstall. Your product makes my life easier. 

Thanks again, Dan

Dan has been a customer since 1998. Planning ahead for retirement he has reinstalled "CAMEO" 

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