Electric Fencing

An energized electric fence line will teach your horses and other livestock to stay off the fence. I have always said “The best place for your horse is away from your fence.” Whether it is one energized line on an existing fence, one or two energized lines in combination with “CAMEO” or 3 to 4 lines all energized we have the supplies needed.

  • Polywires are small diameter lines that work on an existing fence or for applications of pasture management.
  • Maxi Grunt is our ¼ inch diameter electric line that is most often used in combination with “CAMEO”. Maxi Grunt also can be used as a 3 or 4 line fence.
  • Maxi Braids are another choice to use with “CAMEO” or as a 3 to 4 line fence.
  • The heart of your electric fence is your fence energizer. Over many years we have come to depend on our Cyclops Energizer.

At “CAMEO” fencing we are here to assist you with your electric fence questions and needs.  Call us today!  1-800-822-5426