The only fence wire product that achieves two functions in one.

It JOINS & TENSIONS wire and it is available to work with all the standard gauges of agricultural wire – including 12.5 hi-tensile and 12.5 barbed wire!

How it works: inside every Gripple Wire Joiner & Cripple Tensioning Tool kitTensioner are high precision gear-toothed rollers. These rollers grip each wire allowing it to move in one direction only. The moment any load is applied, the rollers “bite” into the wire – locking it into place. The geared Tensioning Tool makes for quick and easy tensioning.

Large GripplesGripples work great on new fencing, but are especially useful and quick on repairing and fixing old or damaged fence. When working with “old rusty barbed wire” that may break when you try to bend it and knot it, a Gripple allows the wire to pass straight thru without further damage to the wire itself.

Pictured here are three different Gripples on the medium gripples 3 sizes of Gripplesthree different gauges of wire that are joined and tensioned with the tensioning tool.

The Medium Gripple works on both 12.5 gauge hi-tensile wire and 15.5 gauge barbed wire and can be used as a loop for end installations or as in-line joiners. Simply push the wire ends thru the Gripple and tension with the Tensioning Tool.

The Large Gripple works on 12.5 barbed wire and 8 gauge smooth.

Using Gripples for 12.5 gauge hi-tensile woven wires makes for easy joining from one roll to the next. Plus they allow you to tension the wire as well. This is a great cost saving option for the small livestock enterprise where you may not have all the traditional stretching tools required to stretch woven wire. Large GrippleWith a small investment of the tensioning tool and a few Gripples, you are ready to build fence. An added plus with using Gripples on woven wire is that you can tension wire to fit your terrain, such as over ridges and in dips. This system allows you to tension each horizontal wire as the slope of the land dictates.