I Love “CAMEO” fencing!

OK, you say, what else would you expect from the owner of “CAMEO” fencing, Inc.

But let me tell you I had hands on experience again this spring fencing my 40 acre farm in Valentines, Virginia.

I have been on this farm over 5 years but this was a case of the shoemaker’s children. First there was settling into the farm – figuring out just what was going to work for us. Luckily the herd of Lowline Angus that made the move with us from northern NY State was very well trained on our temporary electric fencing. Gary had time to work on a plan. Well as they say the best laid plans of mice and men……….

Gary passed in Jan. of 2014. I had 57 head of cattle, “CAMEO” fencing, Inc and the new challenge of establishing distribution of SweetPro Premium Supplements in Virginia and North Carolina.

The winter of 2014 was difficult – Decisions to be made. The cattle were more than I thought I could manage. The herd was sold.

But I missed having animals – what was the answer? Take hay off the land? Rent the land for grazing?  Have the responsibility of horses and/or cattle myself? To graze animals there had to be permanent fences.

Well that’s a no brainer……… I sell fencing.

I ordered the 2” x 6’ predrilled vinyl posts for along the drive and roadway. Cattle in pasture behind new fence line and posts
These posts are easy to work with and look great. They were pounded in with a t-post pounder in the spring before the red clay becomes concrete. To go with these line posts I used the Mule End and Corner Posts.  The augur system makes these an easy and secure install.  The back perimeter of my farm is bordered by woods. There I used the predrilled 2/3” SunGuard Post.

The combination of “CAMEO” and Maxi Grunt electric allows for the posts to be set on approx. 16 ft. centers.

Did I have help? Yes. A young man (Howard) worked with me to pound posts, help run line and make connections.  Howard had fenced on his family farm in MO and loved how easy “CAMEO” and the electric line were to work with.

We put on a couple of miles walking and it seemed nothing kept the ticks off. A word to the wise – get your needed tools and supplies organized to take to the field. We were thankful for the ATV.  For now the pastures are rented – I can watch the cattle grazing from my office window.

I’ll go into detail on the installation in following blogs………So happy to report the hands on experience confirms again what we have been saying for almost 30 years.  “CAMEO” fencing is the BEST for your farm fencing.