Why Combine “CAMEO” horse fencing with an Electric line?

“CAMEO” horse fencing was designed to work as a 5 or 6 line fence, with wood line posts on 8 foot centers.   So why combine with an electric line?

  1. You can now space your line posts up to 16 ft. apart.Horse behind cameo fence combined with electric
  2. You use fewer lines of “CAMEO”   

      Example: 3 “CAMEO” & 1 electric,    2 “CAMEO” & 2 electric, 3 “CAMEO” & 2 electric

  1. The fence works to contain animals other than horses – sheep, goats, cattle……….
  2. All animals learn to respect the fence and Stay off the fence. The best place for your horse is away from a fence.

At “CAMEOfencing we offer a choice of electric lines, energizers and supplies needed to complete the installation.  Just email a diagram of your fence plans. We are here to help and happy to provide a free quote.  Email: nparrish@cameofencing.com